AFCC 56th Annual Conference

POSTED ON June 6, 2019

On May 31, 2019, two of our attorneys – Nancy Zalusky Berg and Ruta Johnsen – shared their wisdom and expertise on handling the complexities of the aftermath of a parental child abduction case.

Nancy and Ruta conducted a workshop at the AFCC 56th Annual Conference in Toronto. The workshop focused on the aftermath of The Hague abduction decision in the context of trauma, family dynamics, financial uncertainty, and other considerations. The pair guided the participants through the next steps of the case, examining decisions practitioners should make, and participating in a discussion and overview of lessons learned through years of representing parents in abduction cases.

NANCY ZALUSKY BERG, LLC serves international clients in many different situations: Hague and non-Hague parental/familial child abductions, custody and paternity matters, dissolutions, and support matters.