Jillian Stahl


“ In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

Jillian is a force to be reckoned with. Jillian is one of team NZB paralegals, who has over twenty years of experience working with some of the top family and juvenile law attorneys in Minnesota. Jillian has a unique way of helping clients keep their lives together, while skillfully guiding them through the divorce and custody process. Jillian’s experience in complex financial and custody litigation has taught her to navigate each client file with a tailored and personal approach.

Jillian excels at drafting legal pleadings, including motions, discovery, Stipulated Agreements and Judgment and Decrees. Jillian has extensive experience creating financial outlines and schedules, including balance sheets, client budgets, nonmarital tracing and spousal maintenance scenarios. She especially enjoys conducting legal research and analyzing discovery documents to prepare cases for mediation and trial. Jillian is sensitive to the emotional and financial challenges that family and juvenile cases pose and she is committed to minimizing these challenges through excellent communication and thorough preparation. Collaborating with Jillian allows our attorneys to provide top notch service to our clients as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

If Jillian isn’t in the kitchen experimenting with different cooking techniques and flavors, she and her husband are often found enjoying sunny days by the pool with their daughter and neighborhood friends and family. She also enjoys spin classes, strength training and kayaking and is a major Minnesota United fan. (Go Loons!) Jillian’s positive and sarcastic personality brightens any room she walks into.