Covid-19 and NZB

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The Covid-19 Virus and NZB Family Law:

Our team is healthy, working from home and open for business remotely. While we miss the comradery of being together in person at the office, we are loving and adapting to our virtual world!

Orders from Governor Tim Walz and our Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea, as well as the various district courts’ chief judges, are coming out frequently. (See HERE and HERE). These changing orders require even the most experienced lawyers to pivot, turn, and adapt as the circumstances demand.

During this difficult and unprecedented time, we encourage our clients to continue to put their best foot forward in dealing with other parties involved in their matters. As one judge said:

“In family court we are used to dealing with parenting disputes. But right now, it’s not “business as usual” for any of us. The court system will always be here to deal with truly urgent matters, especially involving children. But that means there will be little time or tolerance for people who don’t take parenting responsibilities or COVID-19 seriously.”

Other judicial officers have made note that a lack courtesy and civility now will negatively affect how the court judges parties in the future.

Answers to what we anticipate will be often-asked questions:

    • Yes, you can still commence a divorce – or any other family court proceeding – during the pandemic. All filings are electronic, and most hearings will be handled remotely by video conferencing and phone.
    • We have no idea where the inevitable financial crisis will hit first and hardest. Use caution in all matters financial. If you are subject to a court order regarding payments of financial support – you must make those payment or seek a modification of the order. You can’t just stop paying because you are out of work.
    • Existing orders regarding parenting time must be followed. Work with your co-parent to be transparent about compliance with existing pandemic orders.

This post does not offer legal advice, but rather practical considerations during this difficult time. To discuss how we can serve your legal needs, contact us HERE